Remove DOB Violations NYC

Remove DOB Violations NYC

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While New York comprises large localities and tall buildings, the Department of Buildings DOB has imposed some provisions which must be followed by the property owners. In case of any violation, a property owner must acquire services like ZK Contracting to remove DOB violations NYC to avoid penalties.

What are DOB Violations NYC?

DOB violations removal is all about countering notices when the property does not follow with some provisions and regulations and the violation is recorded in the Department’s Buildings Information System (BIS). The details of it are available publicly on the property title search. The property owner must provide a document after removing DOB violations NYC that will support as proof of the action. There are three classes of violations in this spectrum.

The first case means that violations are extremely hazardous and results in a penalty of up to $1,500. The other ones fall under Class 2 and the lesser hazardous ones lie under class 3 DOB violations NYC.

How to remove DOB Violations NYC?

There are many ways to DOB violations removal. The first one is to consider the violation for cure date if any is provided. Then the key is to file a certificate to reduce penalty up to some extent with supporting proof. Another option for DOB violations removal is to admit guilt and pay fine. But the certificate of correction still requires to be filed. The last option is to present your case at the hearing.

But the best one is to contact ZK Contracting to remove DOB Violations NYC?

We are a very credible name in terms of removing DOB violations. ZK contracting aims at providing beloved clients with unmatched service to remove DOB violations NYC. Our professionals know how to ease and solve the problem as a whole in the best possible manner.